Bum Boosa® Giveaway

It’s a great day for a giveaway!  I’ve decided to start doing giveaways on my blog so I can share with my readers the kinds of products I use and love!

Today I’m excited to introduce you to a line of natural baby wipes from Bum Boosa®.  When it comes to your baby, you want nothing but the best and you wouldn’t mind helping out the environment as well.  Am I right?  Well then, let me tell you a little about a product I found and fell in love with.  Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products are made of renewable, sustainable bamboo in combination with natural ingredients for biodegradable and natural baby wipes, soothing and natural diaper rash ointment, soft and eco-luxurious bathroom tissue, and other eco-friendly products soon to join the marketplace.

Most diaper wipes on store shelves today are made from petroleum-derived plastic.  This drives me absolutely insane.  As a mother to two young children, I use baby wipes every single day.  Not just for diapering (we are out of that stage for now), but for wiping little hands and faces, and even their toys.  The last thing I want to be doing is exposing them to more chemicals on a daily basis.

Bum Boosa’s® baby wipes are:

  • Award Winning;
  • A non-synthetic, tree-free product;
  • Derived from a renewable & sustainable bio-based material;
  • Contain plant-based ingredients including organic aloe vera, calendula and 100% natural scent;
  • Are alcohol free, Paraben-free, and Sulfate-free;
  • A USDA Certified Bio preferred product;
  • Made in the USA at a 100% wind powered facility

Today’s giveaway is for the Bum Boosa® Eco-Gift Bag: 

Includes (3) packages each of 80 count Bamboo wipes, (1) 4 ounce container of diaper rash ointment, (1) 10 ml bottle of pure grade Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil with a recipe card for making your own natural baby skin care products.

A big THANK YOU to Sonja- a fellow mom on a mission, President and co-founder of Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products.  Please take the time to visit the Bum Boosa® site to learn more about her success in creating safer, gentler, more eco-friendly baby products.

To have a chance at winning the Bum Boosa® Eco-Gift Bag, just leave me a comment below or on my Facebook page under the Bum Boosa® giveaway link.  Easy!  Giveaway open until Friday March 30, 11:59 pm EST.  Winner announced on Monday.

Have a great day!

dr lisa

56 thoughts on “Bum Boosa® Giveaway

  1. WOW!!! I can use wipes on my lil one’s face!? 🙂 I’ve been so scared to, because it just doesn’t seem ‘safe’ to me. I already use the sensitive wipes, but I’d love some that are even more friendly for my most precious person in my life!!! PLEASE PICK ME! 🙂 You definitely have a new fan… I absolutely LOVED the ’25 things I want my daughter to know’ (the “25 things i want my son to know” had me lol’ing!) and it inspired me to start writing one for my sweety! THANK YOU!

  2. That’s so great! I never even knew this product existed. I have 2 little ones and go through a TON of baby wipes. I use them for everything lol. Would be great to try something different and help out the enviroment at the same time.

  3. I would love a more natural product for my daughter, and to support a company helping my daughter now and in the future!

  4. I love the fact that these products are made with eco-friendly, organic materials. My baby has super sensitive skin, so I have to be more cautious about what products I use on her skin! BIG thumbs up on being made in the USA!!!!

  5. I would love to try these. My oldest was so sensitive we had to use wet washcloths on his booty for diaper changes. With our 8 month old we use wipes, but he just is getting over a horrible yeast infection and we are using water and bounty napkins. These sound great for little booties and hands and faces too!!!

  6. wow, these seem great! i am expecting my first little boy in about 6 weeks 🙂 and would love to try these. Thanks!!!

  7. I’ve not heard of these wipes (nor the company itself) and will definitely give them a try. I like the fact that they’re all natural but also that they’re made in a place that uses wind power. That’s huge. Sadly, I don’t have a facebook page anymore because I think the social networking situation has gotten out of hand and it concerns me that there’s so much information that can be found about people’s families, addresses, when people will be out of town and what school their children go to. Now that my facebook rant is over (smile) I’d still like to thank you for the information and I will absolutely give them a try.

  8. Wow. What an awesome product I didnt even know exhisted. I use baby wipes for everything and using this brand also help reduce chemicals my lil man is exposed to is outstanding. Thank you for bringing this to our attention 🙂

  9. This is a fantastic give-away! I am currently using homemade wipes with papertowels, baby soap and baby oil. My kids (both in diapers) have eczema and I try to keep all chemicals away. We already use bamboo cloth diapers, I would love to use these too!

  10. I am so excited to hear about this product! In my son’s 22 months of life, we have gone through multiple options of diapers and wipes, never fully satisfied with the quality (i.e. his reaction) to any! I am intrigued by this product…

  11. I wasn’t aware of these products until your blog/giveaway! With a 5 month old-Im heading to the website to check them out! Thank you!

  12. Fantastic!! I love green products, thanks for sharing!! Check out my friend, Jason’s wodnderful product, Replenish. I am sure he would love to help you out with a giveaway too!

  13. Hi Mommy OM, I’ve enjoyed all the daily emails in my inbox and this giveaway sounds great. I don’t have any small children but have used similar products on my 100 year old MOM and myself. These sound like they would be much better.

  14. I would love to be entered for today’s giveaway. I love your site and Facebook posts. Thanks for all you do!!

  15. awsome love to try it my baby is allergic too alot off things, he was a preemie at birth, &hehas senstive skin

  16. We use cloth wipes with our cloth diapers. But do occasionally use disposable wipes. I’ve never heard of these and it would be awesome to give them a try.

  17. I have never heard of these before, but I am always looking for the best for sensitive skin of my little one. I’d love to try these!

  18. I have never tried these wipes, but both my boys have sensitive skin so I would love to learn more about the company!

  19. I would definitely love to check these out. I am not due until September, but am already eyeing as many all-natural products as I can. 🙂

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