divine drops: a magic pose for calming fussy babies

Sleep is something I haven’t had in about five years.  More nights than not, I’m bouncing from room to room at 3am.  Cuddling, shoosh-ing, escorting to the bathroom, and getting annoyed that the husband snores right through it all.  Hello.  You’d think he would join me and the kids on our middle of the night escapades.  Honestly though, my kids become “mommy kids” at night.  Anyhow, I can’t say now that it’s all that bad.  Ella knows that on school nights 8pm is bedtime and she’s usually pretty compliant.  She has her snack and reads her books and off to dreamland she goes.  Ethen is three years-old, he goes in at 7:30pm and he’ll usually sleep right on through until 7am. (Although daylight savings has been keeping him up a bit longer.  I think he gets confused when I rally him up for night night and the sun is blazing through his bedroom window.)

Not too long ago though, I was a mom of two kids under two and night-time and nap time and any other time involving fussy, crying babies was always a challenge.  That was, until I discovered a great yoga technique for getting my wee little ones to zonk out.  It’s perfect for newborns through about one year.  So if you’re a new mommy and are having a difficult time getting your precious one to calm down and go nighty night, pay attention.  Divine Drops Pose might just be your saving grace.  It was definitely mine.

An excerpt from one of my absolute favorite mommy and baby books, Itsy Bitsy Yoga by Helen Garabedian:

A Magic Pose

Divine Drops

(Newborn version)

Divine Drops activate my calming reflex and soothe me in a jiffy!  Divine Drops are easy to do with me at anytime and almost anywhere – especially when I am fussy or in a colicky mood.

  1. Stand with your feet more than hip distance apart.
  2. Hold your baby facing you with her legs pressed into your abdomen.  Place your right hand underneath her hips and lower back, and use your left hand to support your baby’s neck and the back of her head.  Her legs are being fully or partially supported as they snuggle into your body.
  3. Turn your toes out to the sides at a 45 degree angle as you prepare to squat.
  4. Inhale, filling your lower abdomen, chest, and arms completely with breath.
  5. Exhale as you bend your knees and quickly drop down into a wide squat while continuing to hold your baby.
  6. On your next inhale, press your feet into the floor and lift yourself and your baby back up into the starting stance.

Repeat 3-10 times and as often as needed throughout the day and night.

Divine Drops
(Older baby version)

photo by: Fit Pregnancy

Variation pose: If your baby becomes addicted to this pose and you become too tired doing it (like at 2am), you can try holding and supporting your baby as you gently bounce on an exercise ball.  I used to do this with Ella as well and it worked!

 ***Always remember to keep your baby’s head in place and supported at all times!***

I hope this works for you!

Here’s to a good night’s sleep.

dr. lisa

just because

I’m posting this family picture –

Just because when I found it today, it made me belly laugh and brought me to tears.  Oh the memories.

Just because it spells d-y-s-f-u-n-c-t-i-o-n.  Can you see the chaos?  

Just because the only one who looks semi-sane and perfectly poised is Nick.  Why is that?  Is he really part of this crazy family?  There has to be something that solidifies his bond to us.  Hmmmm.

Just because Ethen with the butter knife is priceless.  That look on his face.  Please don’t call CPS on me. 

Just because Ella is showing her “I will do what ever I want” side.  Immediately following this shot she decided it would be more enjoyable to dine with another family (one we did not know).

Just because if I remember correctly my jubilation in this photo stems from sipping downing at least one two glasses of wine prior to being seated.  

Just because it reminds me of how lucky I am to be me. 

Do you feel ‘normal’ now?



Remember when I said there had to be something?

Vegan is L❤ve

As a mom who writes children’s books on veganism, Ruby Roth is on a mission to help change the way we see food and the world.  While Roth has recently drawn criticism for her new book ‘Vegan is Love,’ I really believe the overall message she is sending to moms and dads and families across the globe is invaluable.

The harshest criticism this book is receiving according to registered dietician Nicole German:

“...it could easily scare a young child into eating vegan, and without proper guidance that child could become malnourished” and “…children are impressionable and this is too sensitive of a topic to have a child read this book.”

I agree that children are impressionable, but I also believe that it is our responsibility to convey truthful messages to our children without guilting them or instilling fear.  Furthermore, any diet that is not properly overseen by a responsible parent has the possibility or tendency to become unhealthy – not just veganism.  It’s the lack of supervision, not the diet in this case.  Why does the media tend to forget that WE are RESPONSIBLE for raising healthy, well-adjusted kids?

In a video book trailer (below) for ‘Vegan is Love,’

Roth says:

“If we want to move towards an era of solutions where the planet is healing, people are fed and healthy, there is good in the way we do business and a reverence in the world for all living things, then all we have to do is live that life ourselves.”

Whether you are vegan or vegetarian or omnivore – we ALL need to become more connected to our food and to Mother Earth.  As parents we need to teach our children about proper nutrition, why healthy eating is a must, and how every decision we make influences our world.  The best way to do this is to live that life ourselves!

Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.~David Bly

Remember to get your Earth Day on this weekend!

dr. lisa

peace, love, no more mommy wars

[begin rant…

With the declaration of January Jones eating her placenta and Alicia Silverstone pre-chewing her baby’s food, the ‘Mommy Wars’ seem to be back in full swing these past couple weeks.  Just when I thought we had hung up the gloves, now I’m doubting this will ever happen.  At least not anytime soon.  And after reading some comments from the many blog posts written about this last week – I’m really starting to understand why this will never happen and it’s not as simple as pure disagreement.  I think I figured out at least a few important contributors-

1.  “Fear” or “discomfort” with the unknown.

2.  Lack of knowledge.

3.  No desire to acquire said knowledge.

4.  Ignorance.

I’m sure there are many more factors that breed this divide, but in my experience as a mother (a whole five years of it, I know I’m far from expert status) I really feel that when women [and men and grandparents and aunts and uncles and strangers] are indifferent to each other’s parenting ways – it’s mostly because of a general lack of understanding.  What works for my family may not work for yours and I get that, but do you?

A great quote:

The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about. – Wayne Dyer

In general, when we are faced with something that may make us uncomfortable (in Momville this may include placenta encapsulation, elimination communication, home birth, co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding and so on) we tend to act with a quick rush to judgement without really thinking it through.

Some comments I found:

  • I really believe that so much of the crunchy mom shit is for the benefit of the neurotic mother and not the kid. Let’s strap the kid to me 24 hrs a day, and watch his face to see if he needs a crap instead of putting diapers on, and pre chew his food, and give him booby milk every time he cries till he’s 8, and basically anything else that is that most inconvenient way to do anything so they can be the Best Mommy Martyr and look down on those ‘mainstream moms’.
  • She’s still nursing her nearly four-year old child?  Talk about attachment.
  • Holy hell! I hadnt heard of “silverstoning” and I am beyond disgusted! What is she, a momma bird? If the kid cant eat it on his own then I have a great idea…. DON’T FEED IT TO HIM! She will probably continue to breatfeed him thru highschool as well.
  • …she still breastfeeds her 3 1/2 year old, all of her children sleep in the same bed as her and her husband, and none of her children have ever worn diapers.I’m not sure how that worked with babies in the bed with them! Nuts
  • THREE AND A HALF??? If you’re old enough to spell “T-I-T-S,” you’re too old to drink from them.
  • It’s not the co-sleeping thing alone that’s weird. It’s the no diapers plus co-sleeping!!!
  • Agreed. Also you should right about the extremists that use breastmilk for everything…I know a mom that shot it up her kid’s nose when he had a cold. I have also heard of using it for pink eye. Thanks but I’ll stick to the drops the doc prescribes!

So I ask all moms, how do we propose to open the minds and hearts of other women?  Is it even possible?  I realize that we ALL have different opinions on subjects such as parenting, but the judging and crudeness out there in Mommyland is alive and kicking.  And believe you me, I am well aware that it’s not just a one way street attack on ‘crunchy’ moms, this street has many twists and turns and likes to tear down SAHMs, working moms, bottle feeding, formula feeding, crib sleeping, co-sleeping, vaccinators, non-vaccinators, home-schoolers, private-schoolers, public-schoolers, soccer, helicopter – you name it.

Why can’t we as moms just accept that everyone will not parent the same way we do?   Why is that so hard to comprehend?   Why do we feel the need to be harsh and judgmental towards others?  Is it satisfying?  Does it feed our own ego?  Does it help make us feel better about our own choices?  Is it productive?  Entertainment?  What do you think?

…end rant.]


rain rain on my parade

I don’t know what’s been going on with me today, but I am in this constant state of annoyance.  I’ve been trying to OM it away, but it keeps coming back.  I think it’s because my kids have been especially “needy” this week.  I’m talking all out, every second, minute, hour-

“Mommy, I don’t want to eat I want to play.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“No wait, yes I am hungry.”

“I don’t want that for lunch.”

“I want pickles.”

“Can you cut them?”

“EEEWWWW, nevermind. I don’t want pickles.”

“I have to go peeeeee.  I have to go peeeee!!”

“No I don’t, it’s number two.”

“I need a book.”

“Mommmmeeeeeeeee…..I’M DONE!”

“Can you wipe me?”

All the while I’m singing the Smurf’s anthem and trying to maintain my sanity.  La la la la la la-la la la la laaaaa…  Yep, that’s right – the smurfs to maintain sanity.  Have you ever even heard?  I might as well just put my head in the oven and call it a day.  No wait – a glass of red, I wanna wake up tomorrow.

There.  I feel better.  So glad it’s Saturday.

Owning and OM’ing my way through motherhood one day at a time.

Thank god daddy’s home.