The Whole Food Philosophy

Two of the most common questions I get from all the mamas out there:

  1. What types of foods do you feed your kids?
  2. What kinds of supplements do you give them?

First of all, I know very well that it takes time and knowledge to prepare a kid-healthy diet.

Is it easy?  No.

Is it practical?  Not all the time.

Can it be done?  Yes.

Here is a list of major food groups and what I feed my kids (or at least try to on a day-to-day basis):


If kids eat healthy, organic foods most of the time, then I don’t think there is a desperate need to supplement.  But the case for supplementation does remain because farming methods (even some organic farms) in the US deplete our food of nutrients, and many families either because of expense or a fast-paced lifestyle- do not eat balanced, nutritious, healthy meals or snacks.

It’s also very important to understand that not all vitamin supplements are made equally.  Some are much better quality than others.  In my home we use Standard Process.  Established in 1929, Standard Process is the oldest physician supplement company in the country.  These products are only sold through health care professionals and are made from dried, organically grown whole foods.

Why is this important?

Dr Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process challenged common scientific beliefs by choosing a holistic approach of providing nutrients through whole foods.  His goal was to provide nutrients as they are found in nature – in a whole food state where he believed their natural potency and efficacy would be realized. Dr. Lee believed that when nutrients remain intact and are not split from their natural associated synergists – known and unknown – bioactivity is markedly enhanced over synthetic nutrients.  Following this philosophy, even a small amount of a whole food concentrate will offer enhanced nutritional support, compared to a synthetic or fractionated/isolated vitamin. Therefore, one should examine the source of nutrients rather than looking at the quantities of individual nutrients on product labels.

Makes so much sense!  And the best part- Standard Process has a line of children’s products!  My kids take Catalyn Chewable a daily multivitamin for a child’s overall health, Omega-3 Chewable provides beneficial omega-3s, and Congaplex Chewable for immune support.  We also use Standard Process Complete in our smoothies!

Two amazing quotes from Dr Lee:

“We have drifted into this deplorable position of national malnutrition quite inadvertently. It is the result of scientific research with the objective of finding the best ways to create foods that are non-perishable that can be made by mass production methods in central factories, and distributed so cheaply that they can sweep all local competition from the market. Then, after there develops a suspicion that these “foods” are inadequate to support life, modern advertising steps in to propagandize the people into believing that there is nothing wrong with them, that they are products of scientific research intended to afford a food that is the last word in nutritive value, …and the confused public is totally unable to arrive at any conclusion of fact, and continues to blindly buy the rubbish that is killing them off years ahead of their time.”  Dr. Royal Lee June 1943

“The American people have been humbugged into digging their graves with their own teeth!” -Dr. Royal Lee

If a consistent, vitamin-healthy diet is not practical, then expecting our kids to grow up healthy is not a practical outcome.

After all, you are what you eat, right?

dr. lisa

10 thoughts on “The Whole Food Philosophy

  1. Hi, I appreciate your insight and posts very much. I am in the throws of trying to figure out all this business myself. 🙂 While I do agree that eating a whole foods diet is a ‘non negotiable” I am learning that paying for and taking a daily vitamin is NOT necessary if you are indeed eating as clean and wholesome as you strive to do. Does that make sense? Vitamins are expensive. So I’ve been asking people in various professional fields their advice on the matter of taking a supplement if your diet is good… bottom line seems to be, “you better make sure your diet is as clean and wholesome as your body needs it to be”… so that is a pretty tall order. I’m not a biologist, chemist or any other type of expert. But I sure do wish I could feel good about not giving my family and paying for supplements while feeding them the best I can…

    • Amy,
      Like I wrote above- if you are aware and conscious of what you are feeding your kids (organic whole foods) then I think supplementing isn’t that big of a deal. One of the reasons we supplement is because we sell SP (love them!!!!) through our office and we always have it available. If you want to try the Catalyn multi-vitamin for your kids, let me know and I can send you a sample. The multi would be the most important IMO. Email me ~Lisa

  2. I love this post! The Food Guide is great, and I love the *garlic, garlic, garlic* 🙂

    Also, the last two sentences are haunting and pointed yet also ridiculously veracious.

  3. I just started the standard process purification for the second time on monday its amazing how it makes you feel

  4. This is great, love that you have it all laid out. And like you said, some days it’s harder or things don’t go according to plan. But at least there is a plan and a goal here. I work at Barleans Organic Oils and love that you guys are making sure everyone gets their Omega 3s! Keep it up, Lady!

  5. My family and I eat healthy whole foods. Practically everything I make is homemade. I am a big believer in homemade food, not store bought ready. Your list is not very extensive – what about berries, etc. All very important. Is everything you buy truly organic? I am curious if you use organic makeup and shampoo, etc. You market yourself as all organic and I wonder if you are “organic.”

    • Hi Sharon,
      It’s great that you make all of your foods at home! I think that is one of the most important keys to keeping families healthy. My list was not meant to be hugely extensive. We do eat all sorts of berries, especially blueberries, strawberries, etc. I truly do try and purchase organic produce and meat as much as possible. Obviously it isn’t always available and therefore I go conventional. Also, I am not really sure what your definition of truly “organic” is, but as far as shampoo and lotions- we use A LOT of shea butter and coconut oil (can be used on face and hair!), Burt’s Bees, Alba (with Vitamin E), Origins, Aveda, Tea Tree Oil. As far as make-up- I don’t use a foundation or powder on my face. I use Ecco Bella mascara, Ecco Bella flowercolor blush, and Burt’s Bee’s Radiance lip shimmer. That’s it! I hope I answered your questions!
      In health. ~Lisa

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