5 Signs of Summer at My House

1. Watermelon — Our fruit of choice this summer.  I swear I must have sliced and served at least three or four watermelons this weekend.  Not for a family party or a fruit salad for 25 guests, but for my two little, we-can’t-get-enough-of-it, watermelon-loving kiddos.  My kids will eat watermelon for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.  Is this normal?

2.  Flip Flops — Flip flops are a sure sign of warmer days, but at my house the foyer looks like the summer shoe clearance section at Old Navy.  Flip flops, flip flops, everywhere!  Polka dots, pink, orange, green, Toy Story, stripes, red, white and blue.  Some with ribbons and bows and ties, others with flowers and sparkles and gems.  Where did they all come from?  Did I really purchase all of these freaking flip flops?  How many pairs do I think my kids need?

3. Little Bags of Crap — Bags containing plastic toys and pads of paper and super balls can be found year round at my house, but in summer they can be found EVERYWHERE.  We have little bags of junk around ever corner.  In the garage, in the family room, in the backyard, under the dining room table, in the kitchen (Don’t think Hoarders, it’s really not that bad).  I keep cleaning them out and they just keep popping up.  Bags filled with hair clips, plastic necklaces, pool toys, Squinkies, board books, crayons, Hello Kitty Band Aids, chalk, doll clothes, toy cars, hats, sunglasses – you name it.

4. Target — I LOVE Target.  Apparently I love it a bit more in the summer time.  From their fun dollar aisles to their awesome glass punch bowls and Tiki Torches – Target has me hooked.  I’m sure I’m hardly alone on this one.  Maybe if I stayed out of there, I wouldn’t have so many little bags of crap to worry about – duh.

5. Longer Days — My kids are early risers no matter what.  When school is in session, I can count on a stricter bedtime ritual.  When it comes to summer vacation, it’s no-holds-barred at our house.  In summer, I become more free-range with the kids which is great for them, but poops me out entirely.  At least we don’t live in Alaska where it’s sunny until 1:00am.  How do you guys do it up there?  Really, the lower 48 wants to know!

15 thoughts on “5 Signs of Summer at My House

  1. This is my house exactly!! Along with watermelon there are neverending huge plastic cups of Kool-Aid, lemonade, and iced tea!!! We camp in a tent in the backyard (or indoors if it’s too hot), swim many times daily, and all of us have fun being kids.

  2. I forgot to mention that the plastic cups are recycled and recyclable, the Kool-Aid is occasional, the lemonade and tea are fresh squeezed and brewed with honey with fresh fruits added, and I am definitely included in the kid category!

  3. Regarding watermelon… Yes. It’s perfectly normal. Heck, *I* could eat an entire watermelon for lunch. xD lol
    At my house, add in a slip-n-slide, running thru the sprinklers, trips to the park with a lake, camping, and lounging on the porch.

    • I could eat a whole watermelon as well! In fact, I did just that when I was pregnant with Ethen. Watermelon and cherries, I couldn’t get enough!
      We don’t have a slip-n-slide, but we do have sprinklers and a pool and a sandbox! I LOVE summer!

  4. Heather from Alaska here!!! It’s 9:30 – looks like maybe 6 or 7 in the lower 48 (mid-Michigan), kids are still up, been playing all day, in the bath as I type, washing away all of today’s dirt and prepping for tomorrow’s fun! I love summer too – and I REALLY love summer in Alaska (mainland)! Lots of daylight and I get so much done!

  5. Oh my gosh, I was wondering yesterday if my kids could actually turn into watermelons!!! They love to gobble it up. Of course mine are 1 and 3 so they leave remnants of sticky pink juice everywhere. But it’s surely a sign of summer!!!!

  6. I think we must be the same person! The only problem with summer where I live (Arizona) is that it’s 100 degress by 10 a.m. and we’re trapped in the house for a chunk of the day. I have to get pretty creative some days to keep my 2 and 3 year olds entertained. As for watermelon, I’m obsessed and eat a whole one each week. My kids can take it or leave it. More for me!

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