raising a child

Children are messy and noisy and loud and whiney.

Children cry and fight and annoy and bother.

Children stumble and fall and break things and scream.

We all know this going in.  Or at least we should.  From infancy through the teenage years (and beyond!) we are challenged.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Forever.  No joke.  How we react is key.  Is it helpful to share our frustrations with others?  Absolutely!  It makes the process of child-rearing real.  Is it healthy to bitch and moan about your kids ALL the TIME?  The answer is simple – no.

Let’s face it, raising children is a difficult task.  Adjusting to a newborn is probably one of the hardest challenges I ever had to go through.  It’s definitely one of the most grounding, mind-altering, loving events in my life.  Sleepless nights, endless laundry and diaper changes, 24/7 breast-feeding.  Coming to the realization that life is no longer solely about me.  The pressure of knowing that the choices I make in these early years will shape my child.  Dealing with inconveniences is inevitable, but it’s part of the story.  An essential part.  A part that teaches and tests.  A part that helps me dig deep within myself to see what I’m really made of.  The sooner I focused in on this, the sooner my vision and plan for my family came together.  As a mother, I fall on my face…a lot.  But I get up – again and again and again.

When will we realize that parenting our children is a privilege and a responsibility – not a hindrance?  Our kids need us to provide for them and support them and make important decisions for them.  They need us to be their teachers and their playmates and their boo-boo kissers.  Every day, we are molding them physically, emotionally, and spiritually through our actions or inactions.  Raising a child should be a wonderful journey, not a bitch-fest.  It requires an educated mind, a loving soul, and inexplicable acts of kindness.  All in all, being a mother is a thankless job, but it helps to remember that:

Children are wonderful and funny and pure.

Children are full of love and light and strength.

Children are inspiring and adventurous and beautiful.

Children . . . they string our joys, like jewels bright, upon the thread of years. ~Edward A. Guest

7 thoughts on “raising a child

  1. I absolutely love this quote. So many times I see families that treat their kids like an inconvenience. Granted they may feel like an inconvenience sometimes but that’s just frustration talking. It breaks my heart to see kids living in that kind of environment, where they feel like they are in the way all the time.

  2. Love this. In moments of frustration with my beautiful 20 month old son, I lean over and kiss him. This always brings back a flood of positive emotions and I’m often able to take a deep breath and continue on much less frustrated (key being often, not always). but no matter what, it reminds me who I am to him and to myself.

  3. This is really beautiful! I’m nervous about having kids because it is a huge commitment and sacrifice. But you make it sound wonderful too!

  4. What a wonderful post! As a brand spanking new mommy sometimes I feel a little more than overwhelmed by the giant change in my life since having Little Bear. Thank you for reminding me to take some time to enjoy just how wonderful it is to be blessed enough to be a mom. I must remember to revel in the joys of it all and not just focus on the screaming 🙂

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