in the moment

Be in the moment.

Be in the moment.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Hold on to it.


Hold on to it.



Oh yes! A record ten seconds to clear my head!

Live in the moment.  We hear this saying all the time in some form or another.  Whether it be in a yoga class, philosophy book, or from the older lady at Target who is keen on observing our primo mommying adventures.  But what does it really mean to us as mothers?  Frankly, I find it extremely hard to “be” in the moment as a mom.  I am constantly on the go, go, go.  With housework and work work  and play dates and nap time and bedtime and lunch time and freak-out time (the kids, not me—OK, me too!), there never seems like enough time in the day to actually exist in the moment.  As a mother to small children, I feel like I am constantly battling.  I’m battling laundry and dishes and dirty floors and messy bedrooms and scraped knees and melt-downs.  All the while leaving me exhausted and short-tempered, craving a piece of chocolate cake and a shower.

To revel in a clear mind and a calm body, it feels foreign to most.  And it shouldn’t.  Maybe the definition of living in the moment has everything to do with the jumbled and discombobulated life I do live and nothing to do with the life I perceive it to represent.  Not yearning for the past when I was flying solo or a future that holds the next best thing to make my life easier.  The clean house that I strive for or the live-in nanny that I will never have, but dream about often.  Maybe if I stopped fighting the daily chores and the sleepless nights, my mind would awaken to the revelation that, YES! this is my moment.  Every day with my children and my husband.  The good, the bad, the pee all over the bathroom, they all lead me to me.

4 thoughts on “in the moment

  1. I love this post! And I love the last line especially….”they all lead to me.” As I was reading, I was thinking how all those things…the go, go, go….those are the moments!!! Wonderful post!

  2. So July 5th, I had surgery. It involves 3-8 weeks of recovery. Week one was pretty much all sitting/laying around doing virtually NOTHING. As the mother of a 2 1/2 year old, this is unheard of. You know it… You just described it. While the first week was so frustrating and difficult. I don’t just sit around and do NOTHING. EVER. But I know that if I do (it will hurt), it could potentially send me back into surgery and I’d have an even longer recovery. AAAAAAAACK!!

    For the past few days though, I’ve been just sitting, doing some simple embroidery/needlework, focusing on my breathing, enjoying the quiet and just being content. This is during naptime, of course. lol But I couldn’t help but think to myself that I could do this ANY day, during naptime. The laundry/cleaning/shopping will wait. I am so much more refreshed after these little times of contentedness. My bucket is full… I have something more to give to my husband and daughter. I am kinder to myself in thought and deed. I make better choices with my food. I am more present. I’ve decided that I MUST keep this little ritual going… I’m worth it. —So are you!! 😉

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