fifteen seconds

gotta love it!

My kids this morning:

Mom?  Mom?  Mom?  Mom?  Mommy!  Mommy!  Ma!

Where are you?  

Where’s my puzzle pieces?  Mom!  Help me find them!

What comes after the ‘A’ for astronaut?  Mom?

Ella keeps eating my grapes!  Stop!  Ma….I need more grapes!

Where are you?

I want my hair in piggies!  

Mooooooommmmmmyyyy!  I can’t find my flip-flops!

MOM!  It’s good morning time.  Can we go outside now?  


MOM!  MOM!  

Where are you?


Fifteen seconds in the bathroom and you would have thought I packed up, traveled to the ends of the earth, and the world (as seen through the eyes of my three year-old and my six year-old) was coming to an end.  I can see the headlines now:

Puzzle Pieces Gone Missing!  Grapes Stolen!  Flip Flops Vanished!  Hair Gone Wild!

One Mom Sets off the Butterfly Effect 

Is the Universe Telling Us Something?

The funniest (and most obvious) part is the fact that I told them exactly where I was going (at least two or three times), I left the bathroom door wide open, and I kept yelling out “Hold on guys, one sec!” the entire time.  Is it possible that I miss the days yesterday when we all were holed up in the potty party room together?  Privacy is kinda stressful.


17 thoughts on “fifteen seconds

  1. Love this! Why is it that everything suddenly becomes so urgent when Mommy’s on the toilet – or the phone? Yesterday, I had just gotten in the shower when my four year old, who knew I was getting in, came in the bathroom and yelled at me to wipe his bottom the whole time I was in the shower. I shaved my legs anyway. 🙂

  2. I have friends who still laugh at a sign I used to put on my office door a few years ago, when my kids were 10 and 13:

    From the hours of 9am until noon, Mom is Working.
    During this time:
    You will use your words to work out disagreements. No shouting.
    You will not hit, pinch, poke or otherwise annoy one another. I MEAN IT.
    You will not interrupt Mom unless the house is on fire or someone is bleeding.

    It was mostly tongue-in-cheek, but the kids got the humor, and the message, and most days I got at least an hour of uninterrupted writing time. Since I deliberately chose the hours when their favorite tv shows were on, I had a 50/50 chance of peace.

    Now they’re 12 and 15. My peace is less… but I know these days are as fleeting as those hours of peace… You could try a sign on the door? LOL Or maybe set a bowl of M&Ms outside the door to stall them… 😉

  3. Just had this conversation with coworkers today!! It’s like can i have 10 seconds to go to the bathroom with out anyone screaming Mom!! SO funny and so true!

  4. LOL! My 2.5 year old has started repeating words or phrases over and over and over again ad nauseum until she gets what she wants or gets my attention…I keep thinking she’ll get tired and stop, but it’s like her brain gets stuck in a loop and she can’t get out of it unless she gets my attention 🙂

    • Yes that is 2 for you. when I am tired of hearing all three of mine doing the same thing I try to remember the time before they talked and how much I wanted them to say mommy. now i warn new mom’s all the time just wait cause soon enough you won’t be able to stop it. And thing of all the parents who may never get to hear their child speak do to illness or mental or physical challenges.

  5. That has been my entire summer, even when I’m standing right next to them. Thank goodness school starts tomorrow, at least that will be one less “mom!” for a few hours a day. lol

  6. HILARIOUS.girl thats what they would think that there is something wrong upstairs with them.we repeat ourselves over and over and they hear us ,they know where we are,they know every thing we do but they scream for us just to

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