Crafty Me

I spent this week being semi-crafty. I finally sewed my little guy his sleep mat for pre-school. I was so excited to find this cute animal print fabric and I used a navy blue quilted fabric to match it! I’m trying my hand at a matching pillow later today – we’ll see how well that goes! My grandmother taught me how to sew on her 301a Singer Sewing Machine a la 1953. I must admit that thing is badass. Heavy, powerful, and beautiful stitching! I recently had it cleaned and tuned up and I am more than thrilled to start working on some new sewing projects!

I’ve always wanted to sew one of those crayon roll/fabric roll things to hold the kids crayons in. They are pretty practical when it comes to travel or for tossing in your pocket-book/purse/diaper bag to have in case of “emergencies.” We all know kids love crayons! And the fabric prints are super cute!

This crayon roll holds 16 crayons.

Rolled up!

Have a wonderful and inspiring holiday weekend! ♥

4 thoughts on “Crafty Me

  1. That crayon roll is adorable! Now I want to make one for my colored pencils! 🙂
    And the quilted mat looks amazing.
    Wish I had your patience! I used to sew for my kids when they were small but I have so little time now, and they’re at the stage where stuff Mom made isn’t as cool as what all their friends are wearing. lol

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