Ethen the Grouch

We are in week three of pre-k for my little one and I must say that he has turned into quite the monster (Think Oscar, not Elmo). What a terror this kid has been lately. I say no and he says yes. I say go and he says stop. I say jump and he says sit.  He tests his limits now more than ever. Oh and he is cranky, cranky, cranky, grouchy, grouchy, grouchy. Where has my sweet little baby gone? I’m hoping he’s just working out the kinks of being away from mommy throughout the day. Apparently he only works these kinks out while at home with me. Score one for mommy! Obvious sarcasm! On a serious note, his teacher tells me all the time what a kind, loving, gentle little boy he is. That’s the Ethen I remember, but I can’t seem to find lately. Here are some of the things he’s been up to after school:

1. Pulling down and unrolling ALL of the toilet paper while using the bathroom.

2. Coloring the front porch with crayons.

3. Tracing his hand with a Sharpie marker on Ella’s brand new doll house.

4. Throwing all his puzzle pieces on the floor, stomping on them, and screaming, “Bob the Builder, Yes we can!”

5. Repeatedly saying  poop, butt, diarrhea and any other potty word you can think of. Over and over and over again.

Can you say rebellion? I’m thinking that’s what it is. To counter this I’ve decided to lose my mind. I’m just kidding. Actually I’m doing all I can to make sure he is well rested and well fed. I’m making sure he gets extra love and cuddle time from me and daddy and Ella. And finally, I’m crossing my fingers and publicly hoping this passes soon for the sake of all the moms and dads everywhere who suddenly have poop, butt, and diarrhea talking pre-schoolers armed with Sharpie markers and unraveled toilet paper.

12 thoughts on “Ethen the Grouch

  1. My 3 year old spent the day screaming at me and outright deifying me as I was saying “No honey, no you can’t go in there, there’s hot stuff, no, No, NO!” She put a BUNCH of deep scratches on the flat screen, after the 12th talk about staying far enough back and not touching the TV screen. LIKE WTH!!! Where is my kid? I miss her.

  2. My kids (3 1/2) have started preschool too. They’ve actually been going for a month now, but the first three weeks were something else. We have a half hour commute to their school (I also work there), so there is a lot of time for screaming in the car, kicking my seat and overall unhappiness! We’re finally settling into a routine. They were home with me all summer, and before that in a home day care with only 1 other child. So, I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, keep the new routine, keep my energy up and stay consistent. I admit I’ve lost my patience…a few times. Good thing I’ve started my yoga classes again 🙂
    Good luck to you. I hope everything settles down soon!

  3. It could be food allergies. An intolerance to wheat gluten (wheat, barley, rye) can cause neurological disorders. It can cause childhood depression and aggressive behavior. Many other symptoms could also exist with that, but usually children with food allergies start with some skin rashes and behavior problems. He also just may want to stay home with your wonderful self and be three year old mad about it. There could also be problems at school the teachers are not telling you about. He might be getting yelled at. They might not use a loving approach when the parents aren’t around…..just some things to consider…..The best of luck to you!

  4. I say that because children with food allergies have pooping problems. This might be why it’s on his mind so much. Constipation, diarrhea, stabbing cramping pains in the tummy, floating poop, discoloration, and a slightly distended tummy are common. I hope it’s not that though. ❤

  5. My daughter is 2 1/2, and she is definitely in the testing and rebellious phase! She is also in that phase where she repeats something over and over and over again until she gets your attention…sigh! Although it grates on our nerves, this too shall pass 🙂 You’re doing great by providing extra love and attention!

  6. I’m totally going through the same thing with my 3 year old. Although I’m glad he’s at least good for everyone else even if he isn’t for me. I keep telling myself that I would rather him go through his rebellion stage now at 3 than do it at 16 when it will be a lot harder to control his actions LOL. Keep up the good work mom!

  7. Similar thing here … almost 4 yo 3 weeks in to her first stint in pre-school. Picking up every not-so-great thing and bringing it home … not horrible yet, but enough for me to ask the same question about where my sweet lil girl has gone. It’s hard, and making me question whether leaving the home to go to school is best for every kid. She’s only going because she really wanted to and it’s literally right around the corner and only 3 hours, three days per week … still why do they all react so negatively to it and is it best? Just thinking. Hang in there, you have lots of company 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing! My daughter is only a few days shy of 8 months but I already see the sass coming through! 🙂 Kids are hilarious but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a hard career as a mama! What’s harder is not knowing what exactly they are going through and sifting through their “acting out”. I appreciate your blog! 🙂

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