Cue Cards for Life — a review

This has been a much-needed reading week for me! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Christina Steinorth’s new book, “Cue Cards for Life – Gentle Reminders for Better Relationships” and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The last few months have exhausted me.  The early mornings and long days with the kids have left me a bit short-tempered, disconnected, and dare I say – moody. With summer drawing to a close and the kiddos heading off to school, I needed some simple reminders for improving my relationships with my husband, my children, my parents, and my friends.

Let’s face it, we have become a nation of non-communicators who ironically enough communicate all day long via text, Twitter, Facebook, and email. Sometimes it seems as though we put more effort into our electronics or what we’re eating for dinner than we do into our real person-to-person relationships. Are we lacking the skills needed to nurture and grow in our own lives?

As a private practice psychotherapist, Christina knows first hand that healthy relationships are imperative for a successful and happy life. She also knows that communication may be the most essential part of developing, building, and maintaining prosperous marriages, friendships, and parent/child relationships. Drawing from her expertise and experiences, Christina developed user-friendly guidelines or ‘cue cards’ which serve to invoke a wakefulness within us. A gentle push to help us begin tackling our unique relationships with others more compassionately and efficiently.

Christina portrays beautifully and simplistically her intent to help us first think through our situations and then react appropriately. She introduces us to the basic building blocks of communication and goes on to divide her book up into easy to navigate sections including: Cue Cards for Love Relationships, Engagements, Weddings, Babies, In-laws & All Things Family, Cue Cards for Parents with Teens, Cue Cards for Mending Bridges, Cue Cards for Interacting with Aging Parents, Cue Cards in the Workplace, and Cue Cards for Friends, Parties & Social Events.

Our lives and our relationships are constantly evolving, changing, growing. It is up to us to bring forth the effort needed to endure these changes. Ultimately, the relationships able to withstand the tests of time are usually the ones we have consciously committed to. The power and potential of acquiring good relationship -building skills relies heavily on our ability to understand our perceived feelings and thoughts. Sometimes we need a little help and guidance along the way. “Cue Cards for Life” helps to point us in the right direction.

To pre-order your copy of “Cue Cards for Life – Gentle Reminders for Better Relationships” – click here. To learn more about a lovely friend and woman on a mission, Christina Steinorth – click here.



Soul to Soul Parenting — a review

I recently had the opportunity to actually sit down (YES!) and devour a book that has been calling my name for quite some time now.  The book is called, “Soul to Soul Parenting – A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family” written by author and soul nurturer Annie Burnside.  In it, Annie takes us down her personal path of self-discovery and transformation in mindfulness which helps to pave the way for us as parents to do the same.  She goes on to explain in detail that through authenticity, self-love, and inner-knowing, we all have the ability to make positive and conscious shifts in our parenting ways.

This book is not religious in its affiliation, but rather spiritual in the sense that it proves to invoke calm, peace, and over-flowing love in our daily lives.  Annie portrays beautifully the ‘dig deep inside yourself’ awareness that is so badly needed to build strong foundations in our relationships with our children.  I have read numerous books (and I’ve written many blog posts!) on the inner disconnect between parents and children, society and reality in general, and the negative outlook held by so many.  “Soul to Soul Parenting” gives real and workable solutions every family needs to create lives of purpose for ourselves and our children.  It’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to parenting, but rather a take what works for our family and leave what doesn’t.

Annie stresses continually the fact that we are all different.  She emphasizes that raising a spiritually conscious family takes work and commitment, but that we all have our own way of ultimately getting there.  What may be the best way to integrate spirituality into our lives may not be what’s best for another family.  Spiritually conscious parenting has nothing to do with conforming to a certain technique, but has everything to do with stretching our minds and bodies into new perspectives, ideas, and potentials.

Here are Annie’s 5 Tips for Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family:

1. Utilize everyday life (friendships, nature, mealtimes, music, movies) as the perfect curriculum and forum to teach your children powerful, universal principles such as connectedness, self-love, presence, and forgiveness.

2. Teach children to allow multiple perspectives in all life situations and relationships by flipping challenges into positive opportunities.

3. Train children to be more conscious of thoughts, words, and deeds so they can assume greater responsibility for the creation of their own reality.

4. Encourage compassion and empathy in your children on a daily basis by making them the most-used words at home.

5. Turn the joy in family life up by singing, dancing, smiling, humming, laughing, and relaxing rigid perspectives as often as possible through openness and gratitude.

This guide has solidified my own outlook on the importance of mindful parenting.  It will surely be a bookshelf staple in my home. I know I will draw renewed inspiration from Annie as my children grow older and our lives continue to blossom in all directions.

Learn more about ways to positively impact your children and the world through Soul to Soul Parenting here. Read more about Annie and her mission to invoke wakefulness into the minds of parents and children here.