DIY Rudolph Ornaments


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Oh these ornaments are so cute! And super easy too! I found this pin on Pinterest and knew I had to try making these with the kiddos.

Things you’ll need:

Clear glass ornament

Super fine brown glitter

Clear liquid hairspray

Foam stickers or paint, googly eyes, etc.


Easy to do: Coat inside of glass ornament with liquid hairspray. Pour out any extra liquid. Add a generous amount of glitter. Cover the top of the ornament with finger or cloth. Shake ornament until the glitter covers the entire inside of the ornament. Dump out any excess glitter. Let dry before capping the ornament. Decorate with stickers or paint. Add ribbon.

For my Rudolph I used foam stickers from the craft store. I cut them to the right shapes and sizes to make the circle nose and eyes. The antlers were made from cutting foam snowflakes in half and gluing them to the ornament.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Crafty Me

I spent this week being semi-crafty. I finally sewed my little guy his sleep mat for pre-school. I was so excited to find this cute animal print fabric and I used a navy blue quilted fabric to match it! I’m trying my hand at a matching pillow later today – we’ll see how well that goes! My grandmother taught me how to sew on her 301a Singer Sewing Machine a la 1953. I must admit that thing is badass. Heavy, powerful, and beautiful stitching! I recently had it cleaned and tuned up and I am more than thrilled to start working on some new sewing projects!

I’ve always wanted to sew one of those crayon roll/fabric roll things to hold the kids crayons in. They are pretty practical when it comes to travel or for tossing in your pocket-book/purse/diaper bag to have in case of “emergencies.” We all know kids love crayons! And the fabric prints are super cute!

This crayon roll holds 16 crayons.

Rolled up!

Have a wonderful and inspiring holiday weekend! ♥