Mommy OM Art Print Giveaway

After numerous emails and requests for a frameable print of my popular blog posts: 25 Things I want My Daughter to Know and 25 Things I want My Son to Know – I’ve finally created them!  I am so excited!  With the help of dRE from Solid Art Collective on Etsy, I have taken the words and a few images from both lists and put them on an 8.5″x11″ print and an 11″x14″ print to be framed, hung, or given as a gift.  The prints are simple, classy, and neatly done.  Details and pictures below.

Print details of Daughter List:

  1. Enjoy the INNOCENCE of your childhood.  GROW SLOWLY.
  2. SMART is the new cool.
  3. “Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend.”  FRIENDS are invaluable.
  4. Go for it, get DIRTY!  It’s good for you.
  5. Beat the boys at their own games.  Bust out your Light Saber!
  6. Be Spiritual.
  7. See the World.  Open your Heart and Mind.
  8. A Strong Handshake leaves a lasting impression.  It represents self-confidence and ambition.
  9. Choose your Role Models carefully.
  10. Read something everyday.
  11. LESS is more when it comes to putting on MAKE-UP.
  12. Shorter does NOT always equal better in the world of FASHION.
  13. NEVER allow yourself to become someone’s PROPERTY.
  14. Be CONFIDENT going against the grain.
  15. Fearlessly pursue your BIGGEST dreams.
  16. Try to make the RIGHT choices, not the easiest ones.  Have the COURAGE to lead, not follow.
  17. Don’t let Pop Culture define you.
  18. Accept yourself for who you are.  It’s what makes you B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
  19. Mainstream your HEALTH.  Lay a strong foundation for continued WELLNESS.
  20. A positive self-image assures Power, Strength, Ability, and Value.
  21. Be a Sister, a Protector, a Friend
  22. LOVE with all your ♥.
  23. Never be afraid to LAUGH at yourself.
  24. Wherever you are in life, you can come home.  I will be here – ALWAYS.
  25. I LOVE YOU to the MOON and back.
Print details of Son list:
  1. When I look at you I see my ♥.
  2. It’s okay to let go of your penis.  It’s not going ANYWHERE.
  3. I will be happy to buy you a Pink ball, a Pink balloon or a Pink toothbrush if you so choose.
  4. Your nose is NOT an appropriate place for the following items: crayons, beads, marbles, cheerios, pasta, peas, carrots, french fries, legos, q-tips, or your finger.  Period.
  5. Play.  Draw.  Paint.  Create.
  6. RESPECT others and their possessions.
  7. Take your time summoning your inner genius.
  8. Explore the outdoors.  Play.  Ride.  Skip.  Hop.  Jump.  Climb.  NOW.
  9. ACCEPT others for who they are.  Power lies in FRIENDSHIP.
  10. Always keep moving FORWARD.  Go.  Go.  Go.  kid.
  11. To me – you really are SUPERMAN.
  12. LOVE letters are legacies.  Ask your father to teach you, he’s a pro.
  13. It’s okay to CRY.
  14. Always be PROUD of who YOU are.  Everything else will fall into place.
  15. Stay TRUE to yourself.
  16. Learn how to properly put on pants.  One leg in, then the other, pull’em up at least to your hips, zip, button, buckle.  Done.
  17. THINK before you SPEAK.
  18. Be an apprentice.  You must acquire some skill at performing HOUSEWORK.
  19. Find your PASSION.  Keep looking and searching.  NEVER STOP.
  20. You will be my son FOREVER.
  21. Love your Mother EARTH.  Now go hug a tree.
  22. Be a BROTHER.  Be a PROTECTOR.  Be a FRIEND.
  23. Take the Road Less Traveled.  Try to make the RIGHT choices, not the easiest ones.  Have the COURAGE to lead, not follow.  DREAM BIGGER than most others think is possible.
  24. Wherever you are in life, you can come HOME.  I will be here – ALWAYS.
  25. I LOVE YOU to the MOON and back.

More colors:

They look fantastic, right?  Yay!

Now onto the giveaway:

I am giving away FOUR 11″x14″ prints.  That means FOUR lucky winners!  Two daughter and two son prints.  All you have to do is comment below and let me know what list you want, what your favorite line is, and what color (daughter: PINK, PURPLE, SILVER) (son: BLUE, GREEN, MAROON) you would prefer.  This giveaway ends on Saturday May 19, 2012 at midnight (EST).

These are professional quality unframed prints. The prints come on medium weight ultra-bright card stock and are printed using a professional printer and ultrachrome pigment inks.  The prints you will receive are bright and clear and will not have the watermark.  All images are copyright to Mommy OM.

Contestants must have a USA shipping address to be eligible for entry.  FOUR lucky winners will be notified by email so make sure you use your correct email address.  Winners will be chosen using

Please visit my new Mommy OM Etsy Shop for more pictures and details!

Good Luck!

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$50 Shabby Apple Giveaway!

All right ladies {drum roll please}….It’s time to get your shabby on!  This week Shabby Apple is teaming up with Mommy OM and offering a grand prize giveaway of $50 to be used in their store on any product.  From dresses to fitness wear, bathing suits to jewelry and accessories – this store has it all (except organic! Hopefully they are working on that one!).  Shabby Apple designs are intended to meet the fashion needs of women today.  Gorgeous colors mixed throughout an array of collections to make women feel feminine and beautiful for who they are.

Loving the black.

And the white.

How about some color?


 They even have dresses for little girls.  So adorable!  I think I’m in ♥.

Great patterns!

It’s easy to sign up for this giveaway, just follow the mandatory steps below:

1. You must be a follower of my blog and Facebook page (which you probably are because you are reading this!) and comment below or on Facebook to enter.

2. You must go and ‘like’ Shabby Apple on Facebook.

3. You must visit and comment below on which dress you absolutely LOVE!  This one is tough because there are so so so many!

This giveaway will close on Friday May 11, 2012 at midnight. Contestants must have a USA shipping address to be eligible for entry.  One lucky winner will be notified by email so make sure you use your correct email address.  Winner will be chosen using

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Enjoy Shabby Apple!

Person10 Handmade Organic Tank Top Giveaway

For this week’s giveaway, Sylvia from Person10 Etsy Shop is donating a $25 gift certificate to be used on one of her handmade, organic workout tanks.  I’m so excited because I know you gals are gonna love these!

But before I get into why I love her shirts and how wonderful she is for giving back to her community, I have to let you in on the true meaning behind the name Person10-

Origin of the Company Name-

“For every nine people who denounce innovation, only one will encourage it… For every nine people who do things the way they have always been done, only one will ever wonder if there is a better way. For every nine people who stand in line in front of a locked building, only one will ever come around and check the back door.

Our progress as a species rests squarely on the shoulders of that tenth person. The nine are satisfied with things they are told are valuable. Person 10 determines for himself what has value.” – Za Rinpoche and Ashley Nebelsieck, in The Backdoor to Enlightenment

Isn’t that awesome?  And so right up my alley!

Now more about her amazing tanks:

Sylvia designs and hand makes all the products at Person10.  She specializes in tank tops, with a little added flair, for active moms and women.  She use two types of fabric in her shop, catering to two different needs: organic cotton for the eco-friendly and sweat wicking for the hard-core running/gym enthusiast.

The organic cotton comes in softer, more subtle colors and is ridiculously soft!  The sweat wicking is a lighter fabric which absorbs sweat off of your body and dries at lightening speed.  Wear sweat wicking during hot yoga, marathons, or long-distance runs.

Sylvia sews all of her products and her partner (graphic designer and artist) silk screens on a custom quote or image.  Right now, they have several quotes related to working out and fitness- some motivational, some funny- ALL inspiring and positive!  And if that’s not enough to get you over to her etsy shop– Person10 donates 20% of all sales to a local Food for Kids Backpack Program.

Check these out:

And my favorite:

Is this motherhood or what?

A big THANK YOU to Sylvia from Person10!  Please take the time to visit her Etsy shop, her blog, and her Facebook page to learn more about her success in making shirts that make changes- 100% handmade! Make a purchase, make a difference.

To have a chance at winning the $25 gift certificate from Person10, just leave me a comment below or on my Facebook page under the Person10 giveaway link.  Easy! Giveaway open until Friday April 13th, 11:59 pm EST.  Winners selected through and notified through email.  Winners will be notified by email within 5 days after the entry deadline date.  Winners must respond within 5 days or a new winner will be selected.  Contest open to USA and Canada.

FIT > skinny

dr. lisa

Bum Boosa® Giveaway

It’s a great day for a giveaway!  I’ve decided to start doing giveaways on my blog so I can share with my readers the kinds of products I use and love!

Today I’m excited to introduce you to a line of natural baby wipes from Bum Boosa®.  When it comes to your baby, you want nothing but the best and you wouldn’t mind helping out the environment as well.  Am I right?  Well then, let me tell you a little about a product I found and fell in love with.  Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products are made of renewable, sustainable bamboo in combination with natural ingredients for biodegradable and natural baby wipes, soothing and natural diaper rash ointment, soft and eco-luxurious bathroom tissue, and other eco-friendly products soon to join the marketplace.

Most diaper wipes on store shelves today are made from petroleum-derived plastic.  This drives me absolutely insane.  As a mother to two young children, I use baby wipes every single day.  Not just for diapering (we are out of that stage for now), but for wiping little hands and faces, and even their toys.  The last thing I want to be doing is exposing them to more chemicals on a daily basis.

Bum Boosa’s® baby wipes are:

  • Award Winning;
  • A non-synthetic, tree-free product;
  • Derived from a renewable & sustainable bio-based material;
  • Contain plant-based ingredients including organic aloe vera, calendula and 100% natural scent;
  • Are alcohol free, Paraben-free, and Sulfate-free;
  • A USDA Certified Bio preferred product;
  • Made in the USA at a 100% wind powered facility

Today’s giveaway is for the Bum Boosa® Eco-Gift Bag: 

Includes (3) packages each of 80 count Bamboo wipes, (1) 4 ounce container of diaper rash ointment, (1) 10 ml bottle of pure grade Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil with a recipe card for making your own natural baby skin care products.

A big THANK YOU to Sonja- a fellow mom on a mission, President and co-founder of Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products.  Please take the time to visit the Bum Boosa® site to learn more about her success in creating safer, gentler, more eco-friendly baby products.

To have a chance at winning the Bum Boosa® Eco-Gift Bag, just leave me a comment below or on my Facebook page under the Bum Boosa® giveaway link.  Easy!  Giveaway open until Friday March 30, 11:59 pm EST.  Winner announced on Monday.

Have a great day!

dr lisa