DIY Rudolph Ornaments


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Oh these ornaments are so cute! And super easy too! I found this pin on Pinterest and knew I had to try making these with the kiddos.

Things you’ll need:

Clear glass ornament

Super fine brown glitter

Clear liquid hairspray

Foam stickers or paint, googly eyes, etc.


Easy to do: Coat inside of glass ornament with liquid hairspray. Pour out any extra liquid. Add a generous amount of glitter. Cover the topĀ of the ornament with finger or cloth. Shake ornament until the glitter covers the entire inside of the ornament. Dump out any excess glitter. Let dry before capping the ornament. Decorate with stickers or paint. Add ribbon.

For my Rudolph I used foam stickers from the craft store. I cut them to the right shapes and sizes to make the circle nose and eyes. The antlers were made from cutting foam snowflakes in half and gluing them to the ornament.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!