Encourage Your Kids Fashion Personality


Children are naturally expressive. Their diverse personalities are reflected through their voice, body movements, imaginations, and teachings. We learn more and more about our children as they grow: What makes them giggle. What makes them cry. Their favorite foods. Favorite colors. Blocks versus Legos. Crayons versus paint. More importantly, children too, learn to identify with themselves through the choices they make as they continually strive for independence.

One great way to encourage personality development and expression is through clothing. From early on, it is essentially ‘we the parents’ who define our children through their clothing. The clothing we choose for our infants and toddlers usually reflects our own sense of ideals, beliefs, and style. But soon, even younger children begin to show signs of fondness for certain colors, textures, and patterns in clothing. Long sleeves versus short. Stripes versus polka dots. Skirts versus pants. Most often, children will naturally gravitate towards apparel which reflects how they are feeling in that particular moment.

You may have a child who loves to wear tutu’s and princess crowns all day long. Or one that wears his favorite blue t-shirt every single day no matter what. A superhero who needs a red cape. A little one who won’t go anywhere without flowers in her hair and mismatched plaids and prints. Rain boots in winter and snow boots in summer. Sunglasses, hats, knitted scarves, etc. As long as they are safe and dressed in what is deemed “appropriate,” I say let them get creative.

By allowing our kids the freedom to decide we are instilling and encouraging not only sense of self, but critical thinking, positive assertion, and problem solving skills. And along with our guidance and love, these kids are destined to be little rock stars in their own right.

my ♥ affair with Pinterest

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us, I feel the need to express my love for a social networking site that has me pinning pretty potted plants to my gardening board, organizing my fitness goals, decorating my home and LOVING every minute of it! Pinterest to me, is a dream. From fun-to-do crafts for the kids, inspirational quotes and books worth reading- to products I love, places I’ve been and music that moves me. Pinterest is a rainbow of sunshine and yummy goodness all wrapped up in a neat little package just for me, and I’ve fallen HEAD over HEELS!

Everything is perfect and pretty and inspiring. Pinterest is like a superlative parallel universe where weeds don’t grow, everyone is overcome with happiness, and no one is raining on your parade, ever. You can build, redecorate, create, and bake, even if it’s just within the parameters of your own head. Imagination, thoughts, and ideas are endless. It’s living life through a Pottery Barn catalogue, except way better.

Does it mirror real life? Obviously not. Is it better than real life? Maybe, but probably not. Do I enjoy it? Yes. Do I sometimes feel less than adequate when I’m rummaging through pins and suddenly get the reality check that I’m probably not the craftiest mom on the block? Yes. But I don’t let that get me down. I’m in Pinterest world.

A world where I can build my kids a Dr. Seuss tree house:


and have their play area look like this:


 and serve them up lunches that look like this:


A world where I just renovated my bathroom:


and finally added on that sunroom:


Tried my hand at a little baking:


and a little crafting:

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. You are unstoppable with your limitless categories and superfluous pins that keep me oohing and ahhing and pinning like it’s my job. I have a date with my husband tonight (it is Valentine’s Day, ya know), but I promise to meet you a little later after he goes to bed.

be mine.