the independent lion

My three-year old has emerged into an independent little lad. He is constantly informing me that he can “do it myself.” Whether the task at hand is driving a car, steering a grocery cart, pouring some milk, or making a bowl of oatmeal- he’s up for it. Going to the bathroom takes forever now. He tends to get a bit unruly if I try to aid in his daily grinds. I never thought I would long for the days when I was up to my eyeballs in dirty diapers. It was, if I dare say it- a bit easier back when I had the control. I controlled how and when we changed his pants. I picked out and put on his clothes swiftly and diligently. He had no choice or say in the matter. Well it’s not like that anymore. Everything takes so long now. Not diapers and breastfeeding long, but getting dressed, brushing teeth, combing hair, going to the potty long.

While I do encourage positive growth in all aspects of my child’s development, and thoroughly embrace his autonomy and willingness to try to do “everything” himself, I still find it hard not to swear sometimes. Prime example: We were running late this morning and I’m in the kitchen getting everything packed up and ready to go. The kids finish their breakfast and I scoot them upstairs and tell them to get out of their pajamas. Their “good morning” clothes were laid out on the bed. I finish up quickly downstairs (God knows I can’t leave them alone for too long) and I honestly don’t expect my little one to wash up and get dressed by himself in a timely manner. Or at all for that matter.

Boy was I wrong.

Just as I’m about to head for the stairs, here comes my little guy as ferocious as a lion, yet happy as a clam.

“Oh, shit.” I mumble under my breath. WTF? Honestly though, I can’t help but laugh. How did he get that on so fast? We are going to be so late.

I guess we’ll just go to the zoo instead.