things crunchy kids say…

Okay so, I have to just come out and say it- I am raising two very crunchy granolas.  Isn’t it so true that kids say the funniest things?  Well let me tell you that “crunchy” kids say laugh out loud, the funniest, belly aching, most hysterical stuff.  Imagine sitting with your three-year-old and he starts talking about high fructose corn syrup.  What?  Or your five-year-old starts rambling to her little friend about the importance of using BPA free cups.  Totally happened in our house today!  Her sweet friend looked so confused!

Here are some other things my kids have said in the past:

Mom, I’m feeling sick can you rub some garlic on my feet?

Hey, we’re out of elderberry!

Can you please carry me in the Moby?

Asparagus is my best friend.

I think I’m out of alignment. I need an adjustment.

You forgot my Catalyn and Tuna Omega’s.

Can I have pickles, olives, and a seaweed wrap for lunch today?

Let me have a sip of your Kombucha.

Hi, my name is Ella Moon.

Are we going to the farmer’s market today?

Some other things crunchy kids say:

Are you raising a little granola?

What would make your list?