TIME: “Are You Mom Enough?”…..what????

Blogger Jamie Lynne Grumet is on the cover of TIME magazine this week nursing her three-year-old son.  The cover is bold.  It came out this morning and Facebook and Twitter and every and all major media outlets are overflowing with comments.  Some positive, some negative, and some downright awful and offensive.

The article in this issue is about parenting guru Dr. Sears and his attachment parenting method or AP (which encompasses a lot more than just extended breastfeeding by the way).  I have to admit that while I’m almost positive the photo was used for “shock” value, what really annoyed the heck out of me was the inflammatory headline.  “Are You Mom Enough?”  What?  Am I mom enough for what?  To raise my children the way I see fit?  To teach my children about health and wellness and life and love?

If this was their way to get moms to learn about and embrace AP, TIME did a terrible job convincing.  As a matter of fact, I might go as far as to say that they knew MOST wouldn’t get past the cover or headline long enough to read the actual article.  We are a society that needs images.  We LOVE to send and share and ‘like’ on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter.  Therefore, the real issue will be the COVER and HEADLINE and not the interview.  Is this what they intended?  Did they want to ignite the “Mommy Wars” just to sell their magazine?  I’m thinking, HELL YES!

Also, as a mother who breastfed her little girl until she was two and her little boy until he was three, I think Jamie Lynne is brave and amazing for putting herself out there.  I applaud her efforts to raise awareness and to let other mommies know that we don’t all have to parent the same way.  And that’s A-OKAY!

Thoughts ladies?


update: Friday May 11, 1012. Here are some more photographs that were taken, but did not make the TIME cover:

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